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Celtic Jewels
Celtic jewels, Celtic culture seems to have been already formed around the third millennium B.C.E. It represented the most important center of population in Europe during the Iron Age, and already classical sources were using the term “Celtic” (from the Greek Ksltoi or Ksltai) to describe a population speaking an Indo-European language. In their period of highest splendor (the IV-III centuries B.C.E.), the Celts were spread across a wide .

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The Triskelion
Celtic Triskele SHOP ONLINE Lettura in italiano  –  Lectura en español The triskelion or triskele, is the best known Celtic symbol, and embodies the power of the number Three; it usually consists of three spirals joined together, but it can also be represented by the union of three other decoratif elements. For the Celts, the meaning of this symbol varied depending on the direction of rotation of the spiral: if .

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