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The Runes
The runes – The sure facts regarding this ancient form of divination are few: it is difficult to know both the exact dating or the precise location of their birth on the continent, but we know that these signs were known and used in Sweden already during the Bronze Age, about 1300 BC, used as a written alphabet to draw up legal documents and to write prose and poetry .

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The Ogham Alphabet
Ogham Alphabet ONLINE SHOP Lettura in italiano  –  Lectura en español The Ogham alphabet,  this term or Ogham Craobh (tree writing), or Beth – Luis – Nion (from the pronunciation of the first three letters), usually refers to the alphabet of the ancient Celtic languages. It is thought that “Ogham” means “wise use of the word” and was, originally, a particular form of cryptical writing in which the names .

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