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South American and Pre-Colombian Jewels
In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in America, introducing to Europe previously unknown populations and cultures, but at the same time, the greed in the courts of the Old Continent caused, in a few decades, the collapse of those same civilizations. Jewelry-making and the art of working gold and other precious metals did not escape from this fate and in the course of a century more than 30 tons worth .

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Rest Ye Merry – Iconography of the Skull
The skull, a recurring motif in the classical iconography of many cultures, is definitely a most controversial one. If at first glance it may seem to express a negative value of Death, in folk traditions  of Tibet, Ladakh, India, South America (although in a more complex environment: suffice it to think of the Day of the Dead in Mexico), as well as in Celtic culture, it has a very .

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