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Rings History and Meanings
Rings History and Meanings – The use of the ring in the daily lives of different populations is present since ancient times: Egyptians, Incas and Romans wore this kind of ornament, often decorated with carvings of gods or emperors, thus emphasizing the power of the wearer. Only certain social categories, such as priests or prominent people in the community, were worthy of such a privilege. The ring carved with .

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The Claddagh Ring
The Claddagh Ring – According to the most ancient legend about its creation, the Claddagh Ring dates back to the times of the Celtic Gods, when the sun god Dagda fell in love with Anu – or Danu – the goddess of the whole firmament, and ancestor of the Celts. From their love was born Beathauile, that is the whole of humanity, life itself. For this love was created .

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