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Native American Jewelry
Stories retold and passed down and archeological ruins testify to the great importance that the Native Americans attributed to jewelry in everyday life and, for millennia, they produced necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings and buttons. The indigenous tribes of North America are multiple and various, with idioms and cultures that are often different from each other. Also religion changes from one tribe to another, but the fundamental principle is .

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The Celtic Cross
According to some scholars, the first Cross defined Celtic was found in a cave in the French Pyrenees, dating back to 10,000 BC circa; others see its origin as connected to Hindu symbology, representing the union between the masculine and the feminine. Celtic Cross SHOP ONLINE According to Irish tradition, the Celtic Cross was introduced in these regions by St. Patrick, as a symbol of the supremacy of Celtic .

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The Triskelion
Triskele SHOP ONLINE Lettura in italiano  –  Lectura en español The Triskele, also called Triskelion, is the best known Celtic symbol, and embodies the power of the number Three; it usually consists of three spirals joined together, but it can also be represented by the union of three other decoratif elements. For the Celts, the meaning of this symbol varied depending on the direction of rotation of the spiral: if .

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El Alfabeto Ogham
Aquí encontrarás el Alfabeto Ogham en nuestra tienda online leer en italiano leer en ingles Con “alfabeto Oghamico”, Ogham Craobh (escritura arbórea) o Beth-Luis-Nion (por la pronunciación de las primeras tres letras), se indica generalmente el alfabeto de las antiguas lenguas Celtas. Se piensa que “Ogham” signifique “sabia utilización de la palabra” y era, en origen, una particular forma de escritura criptógama en la cual el nombre de las .

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