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African Jewelry
African jewelry,  the African continent represents to the world of  JEWELRY  the power of symbolism. Everything in this country -metals, minerals, organic materials – becomes an embellishment for the body of the natives, often brought to the extreme with decorative elements that reach a considerable size: feathers, teeth, horns, skulls of small rodents are used as amulets and fetishes, recurring elements in this particular handicraft. In the variety of .

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African Jewels – Ethnic
African jewels – ethnic, most wonderful jewels have been manufactured in Africa since prehistoric times. The most ancient one is a necklace found in Morocco, in the Pigeon Cave of Taforlat, dating 82.000 years ago, and consisting in seashells of similar shape and size, dyed in red ochre pigments, drilled, and strung in a natural fibre thread (leather, tow, horse- or vegetable hair). Africa is a most wide continent, .

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The Poupèe Ashanti
Ashanti products on ethnos The Poupèe Ashanti, in all African cultures, the doll has a deep and special meaning, which follows the traditions of the tribe to which it belongs. Lettura in italiano  –  Lectura en español The social function of these objects is fundamental and well defined, although it may have different shades from tribe to tribe: female fertility is the basis of African society and is a .

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The Hand of Fatima in Africa
Hand of Fatima/Hamsa SHOP ONLINE Lettura in italiano  –  Lectura en español The Hand of Fatima in Africa – The symbolism of the Hand of Fatima/Miriam — or Hamsa — is very old, due to the primitive cults of both the Sumerians and the Babylonians, in the form of Inanna and then Ishtar, a derivation of the first, both goddesses linked to fertility, beauty and love in their carnal .

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