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The triskelion or triskele, is the best known Celtic symbol, and embodies the power of the number Three; it usually consists of three spirals joined together, but it can also be represented by the union of three other decoratif elements. For the Celts, the meaning of this symbol varied depending on the direction of rotation of the spiral: if clockwise, it represented the quiver of the internal energy in its expansion towards outside; counter-clockwise, it symbolized the descent into the underworld, viewed as a more introspective and inward action.
triskele pendantIl Triskele ha diversi significati e rappresenta in primis The Triskele has several meanings and represents primarily the Triple manifestation of the One God: Strength, Wisdom and Love, hence the three classes of Celtic society that embodied these energies: Warriors, Druids and Artisans.
The three spirals indicate also the three circles of existence: Ceugant, the World of the Absolute; Gwynwydd, the Spiritual World of the Afterlife, and Abred, the Human World or the World of the Trial.
The Human World, Abred, is composed of the three aspects of the material world: Earth (Wild Boar), Water (Salmon), Sky (Dragon) which, through their movement, are all reunite in the fourth element, Fire, symbolized by the circle that often encloses the three spirals, the Triskele.
Other meanings of the Triskele are:

The union between Past, Present and Future in a single Great and Eternal Cycle, called Infinite Continuous Present, in which everything exists simultaneously. Significant in this regard was the feast of Samhain of November 1, where the Celts met their deceased ancestors, but also their unborn offspring.
– The three phases of the sun: sunrise, noon, sunset.
– In men, it can represent its triple manifestation as body, emotions / feelings / thoughts and spirit, but also Action, Feeling, Thinking and the three ages: childhood, maturity, old age.
– The symbol of the female trinity of battle Morrigan-Macha-Boadb and of the male one, Ogma- Lugh-Dagda, but also the very same Goddess in her triple aspect of Virgin-Mother-Old Woman / Daughter-Mother-Sister.
– The means used by St. Patrick to explain the Christian concept of the Trinity to the Irish, transforming the Triskele into a clover (which later became the symbol of Ireland).


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