The Pentacle


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The pentacle, one of the oldest and most popular pagan symbols, was already known to Pythagoras and his disciples that believed it was a mystic emblem of perfection because it can be create it using a single closed, braided line: it is in fact represented by a five-pointed star enclosed in a circle.
Since its origin dates back to ancient times, this symbol have been attributed different meanings over the centuries.
Its name seems to derive from “panta” and not “penta”, as it is usually erroneously believed, and “kleos”, which in greek means “glorious action that includes everything”; such reading would somehow justify the properties of good luck charm and amulet ascribed to this symbol.
pentacle pendant with crystalThe ancient Druids used it as the supreme symbol of spiritual light, sent from the superior deities, and believed that the five points represented the deities’ gifts for man to live on earth.
These gifts were of a physical nature, with magical connotations: a stone of destiny, an invincible sword, a magic spear and the cauldron of the god of the sea.
It also expressed the five degrees of the rite of initiation, and also the triple goddess, represented in the three top tips, while the lower tips represented, respectively, fertility and the divinity made man.
silver pentacleLater, however, the five points took on a more spiritual, more tied to man meaning. In classical times it became the symbol of the worship of Venus. The pentacle was used as a link to this goddess, because it was observed that the planet Venus, turning on its ellipses every eight years traced a perfect pentacle: here we find again the meaning of perfection already known in the earliest centuries.
At this time, however, they went further, and each of the five points were recognized as one of the elements upon which the laws of the Universe are based – earth, air, water, fire and spirit – all enclosed by the circle of the Universe.
The Pentacle then became a representation of the human microcosm tied to the uniqueness of creation, and the five points became the representation of how the five elements organize themselves together to create what the Divine Source commands. Therefore, the ratio of the internal elements of the Pentacle reflects the processes on which the whole universe is based.
celtic crafts - stamp sealThe scholars of this era explained how the divine spirit was dropped into the water, to give life to the first beings, which then evolved occupying the land and the air. The earth symbolizes the highest level of development and evolution; however it can reach a high degree of degeneration when man abandons the spirit, and fall towards the lowest realm, represented by fire. Only at this point the human being recognizes the importance of spirituality, and returns to in a perfect loop with the Cosmic Oneness.


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