The Gao

The Gao, also known as Ga’u or Gahu, is the most spectacular of protective amulets: a silver talismanic box embellished and enriched with precious and semiprecious stones.
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precious Tibetan ga'u or gauWorn as jewelry by the people of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Mongolia, it has always been considered a powerful defense against bad luck, disease and anything that could in any way cause harm to the person, as well in anticipation of travels and journeys.

Formed by a silver container of various shapes, result of the skill and cleverness of the craftsman who creates it, it encloses a piece of paper with propitiatory sentences, printed or handwritten, in Sanskrit. The thought is generally a short religious step, mantra, accompanied by small relics that can be objects blessed by a Lama, fragments of monastic robes and even images of deities and guardian saints and protectors.
gao or ga'u ith coralsWhen, with the invasion of the Chinese, the Tibetans were forced to sell their most valuable assets, they emptied the Gaos out of their essence, keeping to themselves that sacred and blessed part dear to them, and sold them as precious boxes: in fact, the Gaos available today, both in trade and in exhibitions and museums, are usually empty, objects that represent now only the great ability of artists and craftsmen able to create some real masterpieces.

On ETHNOS you can find both old and new Gao, in different shapes, sizes, and decorations.


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