The Evil Eye

The evil eye or blue eye, the belief of the evil eye finds its origins in the cultures that more than two thousand years ago lived in the eastern Mediterranean. Of the power to cast the evil eye on someone through the eyes only, did speak eminent philosophers and historians, including Hesiod, Plato, Plutarch, Heliodorus and Pliny the Elder, in most of their works.

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The writings they have left about this topic bring us back to folk beliefs, but also to classical theological and anthropological studies, which all lead to a single point: the ability of some people to hurt or cause others to be affected by bad luck through a simple glance. There are even studies showing that Socrates possessed this ability, and that his followers and students were so attracted by the intensity of his eyes to be called “blepedaimones”, demonic look, not because they were possessors and transmitters themselves of this power, but because it was suspected that Socrates used his gaze to hypnotize them and keep them under his influence during the lessons.The scientific writings of Plutarch, however, demonstrate that the evil eye is a source within the soul, which creates and spreads deadly rays that bring discomfort and misfortune to those who are affected by it.
This belief intensified especially in the Middle East, Central Asia and in the Mediterranean area.
ring with evil blue eyesThe region more subject to the influence of this symbolism, creating an amulet that protects from this spell, is Turkey.
The famous Blue Eye, called Nazar Boncuk, is the traditional local protective object; also known as the stone of the evil eye, is worn as a necklace or set in a ring, hanging in private homes or painted on the boats. There are hundreds of types from the simple single blue eye to the most complex and highly decorated ones; often found together with other symbols of protection to increase their apotropaic power.
All versions have in common two main features: a central eye and the blue color, although tradition considers most effective individual pendents with a central eye.The most beautiful jewel ever made, which combines two powerful protective symbols, is a necklace made from a single filigree silver Hand of Fatima, in its center a beautiful glass blue eye.


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